Smarter play for avid golfers

Raising your game, one shot at a time

Intelligent play, on demand

Golf is evolving and so is your swing.

But you just don’t know how yet.

With the Condor Tracer, you track your performance in real time.

You know your key metrics and see your improvement on demand.

You play smarter and refine your swing faster.


Contemporary and sleek design

A simple, intelligent aesthetic ensures that the Condor Tracer looks and feels the part wherever you play: on the golf course, at the range, or in your own home.

Sophisticated insights

Style meets substance. Detailed data presented in a highly visual format means you can easily assess your performance on the green and on-the-go.

Compact and portable

Intuitive design and lightweight materials make it an effortless addition to your golf bag.

An effortless user experience

Switch on, set up your shot, and swing. Your stats are ready when you are. It’s that simple.

Our high-speed optical technology takes more than 1,000 photos-per-second to construct a detailed shot profile

Condor Tracer precisely measures every aspect of your shot for maximum impact:

  • Ball speed
  • Ball spin
  • Shot height
  • Carry distance
  • Total distance
  • Terrain impact, and
  • Weather impact.

This means it gives you a clear picture and instant feedback on your performance.

Review your real-time stats on the device’s screen or head to our accompanying app for at-a-glance trends, data visualisations, and forecasts.

Analyse the data between rounds, adjust your swing, and see the results.

Measures ball speed

Perfect for hobbyist golfers who want to improve. Or for next-level performance tracking between coaching sessions.
However you play golf , the Condor Tracer changes the game. It’s the addition to your set you never knew you needed.

Condor Tracer is available to buy soon. Stay in touch for updates

    Condor Tracer. Raising your game, one shot at a time.

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